The Mindful Her Story

Mindful Her was created by Joanne Forster for women who are passionate about living healthy, mindful lives (and having fun while doing it!), but who also struggle with work/school-life balance, raising the healthiest kids, and staying happy, positive and grounded.

Our goal is to raise the consciousness of women and provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to be the best mindful mothers, daughters, wives, friends, sisters, employees, business owners, colleagues and community members.

We understand that yoga, mediation or extreme diets are not for everyone, but mindfulness is! Mindful Her is designed to take the intimidation factor out of the elements of living mindfully to make better and healthy lives — in mind, body and spirit — accessible to everyone.

To us Mindfulness means:

  • Being conscious about how we think about ourselves — with kindness and gentleness
  • Being self-reflective enough to identify and respond appropriately to our emotions — or not respond at all
  • Communicating with others calmly and with compassion
  • Living our lives with gratitude

Mindfulness is a unique individual experience. Our goal is to help women enjoy their individual journey while being supported in a safe, loving, unpretentious and friendly environment.  How better to start your journey than to be surrounded by likeminded women and brands that support mindful and healthy living?