The Mindful Couple

Sunday, February 14th, Valentine’s Day – The Mindful Couple

Where: Rancho Las Lomas, Trabuco Canyon, 9am to 6pm
This is your chance to create a more mindful, meaningful and intimate relationship with your significant other. Whether you are a new couple, newly married or been married for 25 years, this will be a Valentine’s Day like you have never experienced before.  The Mindful Couple event is designed to bring you closer and create more intimacy with your partner.

Teachings on mindful communication, conflict resolution, intimate and non-intimate massage, and how to improve sexual desire, combined with healthy gourmet meals, and a beer and wine tasting in an incredibly romantic setting will even have your guys wishing there more Mindful Her events for them!


Meditation for Enhanced Relationships
Keith Mitchell, former NFL player and People Magazine’s “Sexiest Yoga Instructor”

Keith Mitchell NFL Star Athlete Keith Mitchell #59, a former linebacker for the New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars, was at the top of his professional game when he ascended into the 2000 NFL Pro Bowl.
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Couples Yoga
Thomas Taubman

Growing up as the youngest of four in a sport-savvy family in Staten Island, Thomas learned how to use his body at a very early age. In his teens, he carried an unhealthy amount of anger and aggression and started down a negative path of fighting, dealing drugs and stealing. Eventually, he was able to transition this negative energy into boxing, an activity that helped him use his body more productively.
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Conflict Resolution
Tawny Avonne

Tawny is on a lifelong journey to remember who God created her to be. Separation, disconnection, and forgetting who she was was so severe in her life that she felt grossly out of alignment with her spiritual DNA.
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Enhancing Sexual Desire
Liz Dube

Liz Dube — Is a sex and relationship therapist, speaker, and blogger who is passionate about helping others increase intimacy and sexual satisfaction in their relationships. She has a private practice in Long Beach & Huntington Beach, CA where she helps men, women, and couples get sexually empowered.
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Three delicious healthy meals and a blind wine tasting class led by Master Sommelier, Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of just 15 people in the world awarded both Master Sommelier and CWE (Certified Wine Educator) Diplomas. Michael now works for Jackson Family Wines crisscrossing the world as the Director of Global Key Accounts.