Liz Dube

Liz Dube — Is a sex and relationship therapist, speaker, and blogger who is passionate about helping others increase intimacy and sexual satisfaction in their relationships. She has a private practice in Long Beach & Huntington Beach, CA where she helps men, women, and couples get sexually empowered.

Men and women often have unrealistic expectations about sex that make them feel inadequate and create a performance focus to sex that leaves them bored, frustrated, and unsatisfied. Liz works with her clients to move past negative, destructive sexual messages, to stop tolerating mediocre sex, and get empowered and excited about having fun in the bedroom and achieving their full sexual potential.

Many problems with sex are driven by things that are not directly related to the act of sex. Issues like body image, unrealistic beliefs about what good sex is supposed to look like and how men and women are supposed to perform sexually, as well as overall relationship dissatisfaction often need to be addressed before men and women can create the sex life they want. Liz works with her clients to sort through relationship and communication difficulties and other barriers that affect sex and intimacy. Liz strives to help others create more sex-positive messages, increase their sexual awareness, and become more transparent with their partners about their sexual wants and desires. Please visit her website where she blogs regularly about sex and intimacy