Sandhiya Ramaswamy

Sandhiya Ramaswamy, CAS MBA, Ayurveda practitioner, educator, and chef
Sandhiya is a corporate controller turned Ayurveda practitioner Ayurveda – ‘The science of life’ is a 5,000 year old medical practice from ancient India, and the sister science of Yoga. Ayurveda employs the 5 sense therapies (taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch) in helping a person achieve vibrant health and balance of body, mind and spirit.

Sandhiya’s Ayurveda practice, Green Lotus Wellness, is in Dana Point, California. Originally trained as a chef, she switched gears, got her MBA, and detoured into the world of finance in corporate America for 15 years. After trying different modalities, it was Ayurveda that helped her to effectively manage her health issues. She now uses her education, knowledge and personal experience with this great medical science to help co-create and manifest her patients’ vision of ‘perfect health.’