Sarah James

Sarah James is the author of, a lifestyle blog with an emphasis on green beauty, unfussy style, and a mindful approach to daily life. Over the past ten years, Sarah has blogged about everything under the sun – with her finger on the pulse of the modern woman’s lifestyle, she’s happy to share her successes and challenges, and is open and authentic in bringing that conversation to the table. This combination of wit, expertise, and approachability has garnered Sarah several accolades with features in publications such as The New York Times and appearances on several television programs.

Sarah has always loved beauty and skincare, but her passion for natural, non-toxic beauty blossomed in 2013 when she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease after months of unexplained health challenges. On a mission to clean up many facets of her lifestyle, she became engrossed in discovering everything she could about the chemicals in beauty products, as well as the evident lack of US government regulation in regards to cosmetic safety. What has transpired since is the adoption of many mindful beauty practices – approachable ways of protecting women and their families from the toxic ingredients in our body care products and cosmetics.