Tawny Avonne

Tawny Avonne Wisdom Teacher, Life Consultant, Integrity Coach

Tawny is on a lifelong journey to remember who God created her to be. Separation, disconnection, and forgetting who she was was so severe in her life that she felt grossly out of alignment with her spiritual DNA. After manifesting a rare and incurable disease in her body, she learned to heal and get back in alignment with her spiritual DNA… the person God created and destined her to be.

With a renewed sense of self and healing power, Tawny set out to help others find their true selves. She shares her wisdom with and helps others begin to collect their own “pearls of wisdom.”

Tawny follows the Way of Jesus on the spiritual path of Grace. She is a graduate of the 9 Gates Mystery school and a Reiki Master. She is trained in and uses the Enneagram, Archetypes, HeartMath and Energy Medicine as wisdom “tools.” She is a ”heart healer” according to Chokoderai, her Balinese teacher and healer. Her workshops are experiential.